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Deep Work - Book Review

In my opinion, this is the best non-ministry book for ministry. Cal Newport (professor of computer science at Georgetown University) will teach pastors and preachers how to be productive and accomplish "deep work."
Cal is a unicorn: a rare breed of social-media free Millennial. His success as an influencer in the productivity niche has been won the old-fashioned way - no click-bait Instagram pics or Facebook campaigns - just plain ol' grinding out helpful content on his private blog and publishing bestsellers for students and professionals.

Newport takes a strong stand against social media abuse, but his position is not a recent reaction sprouting from the hotbed of #QuitFacebook. Cal has never been on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media platform. I hope others will give him a listen and reassess whether their involvement in social media is worth the expensive price tag affixed to "free" social media accounts, a price paid in the currency of one of y…

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